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Tavenner's Page

A little bit about myself.

I will try to not go back into ancient history, nor write my whole autobiography here, so I will start with the relatively recent. I attended the University of Missouri-Rolla for too many years, and upon completion of my courses (whew!) I received a bachelor's of science degree in physics (yes, that is right, I said physics). Then, after trying to find a good job in the post cold war market (this was a bad time for scientific types to locate technical jobs), I went to graduate school at the Southwest Missouri State University in the material science program where I was doing research into producing the equipment to evaporate materials by the use of an electron beam gun and deposit them onto a surface one layer at a time, and the equipment used to spectrally analyse the samples. I received my masters degree in December of 1998. Recently I attended the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia, where I acquired my PhD in condensed matter physics in the field of conductive polymers.

Some interesting links

Collegiate links

Here are the links for the universities I attended.

University of Queensland
Missouri State University
University of Missouri-Rolla

Public safety links

I worked as a Campus Service Officer (CSO) while attending university in Rolla. Here are some links to fire, police, military, and any other public safety service.

International Association of Fire Fighters
National Fire Protection Association
Sandy Creek V.F.D. Fire Links
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
UMR Police

Martial Arts links

While I was in Rolla, I was a member of the UMR Tae Kwon Do club and of the Aikido club. I was also in the Tae Kwon Do club at SMSU. If you are interested in any of the martial arts, these links should be able to supply any information you may need.

Aikido World Journal
Body, Mind & Modem
AkihitoAbe's Kendo Page
Martial Arts Page
World Martial Arts Academy
Tae Kwon Do Information
Martial Arts Temple
Jan Fan Gung Fu Academy
Jan Fan Jeet Kune Do Information Network
The Jeet Kune Do Web Kwoon

Personal pages

Here are some pages of friends, and some pages I thought were interesting or amusing.

Dr. Bob
Scott Keeton and the Deviants
Seven Nations
NRoden's PC Site
Great Canadian Snow Bunny Homesite
Satoshi Kawase
God's Homepage

Interesting places in Springfield, MO

Here are some of the places I went to when I wasn't working.

Nathan P. Murphy's
Springfield Brewing Co.

Places where I want to be

Here are some of the places where I would like to be for some reason or another.

Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia
University of Queensland